About Us

Assertive Communications is a full service Public Relations agency based in New Delhi. The agency has already created comprehensive communications programs for several esteemed clients across industries. Our core team is committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards and transparency to build credibility and trust. While we understand that every brand has a personality, we ensure connect and salience. The media landscape has evolved multifold in the last few years. In this dynamic, ever-changing and complex media environment, we deploy customized strategies to help clients realize desired business objectives.

Why We?

We are a team of young PR and social media professionals who know the pulse of the market. Using creative communications coupled with contemporary thinking we specialize in providing powerful and distinctive marketing services. This seasoned team focuses on the key aspects required to meet the corporate communications needs. They innovate, strategize, execute and deliver for impact-full results. The team brings along fresh ideas, new approach, vibrancy, creativity and passion for delivery.

It’s time to go social

Researches suggest that social media is a great medium for consumers to engage with your brand, hence driving loyalty and repeat business. With the advent of social media tools, Assertive Communications is taking concrete steps to go beyond traditional media.The agency blends online PR with offline PR expertise for effective buzz building social media campaigns. We ensure that our client gets the right visibility through our innovative brand awareness strategies. Assertive Communications strongly believes in providing companies with an alternate medium which works hand-in-hand with other promotional tools like advertising, marketing, sales promotion etc.